6 Trimming Questions with Sara Morse


<![CDATA[Trimming is a crucial step in the post-harvest process and one that can directly impact the value of a grower’s products. An over-trimmed bud might have bag appeal, but the loss of valuable biomass to trim can hurt a grower’s potential revenue. Meanwhile, an under-trimmed bud can look sloppy and unappealing to consumers.Given the balancing act cannabis cultivators must perform, it’s no wonder that 74% of participants in Cannabis Business Times’ Cannabis Post-Harvest Report mentioned hand-trimming as their greatest post-harvest challenge, with trimming efficiency (29%), consistency (22%) and quality (12%) being among the top issues.So, what exactly makes a good trim?To answer that, Cannabis Business Times and Hemp Grower interviewed Sara Morse, lead trimmer for LOWD Cannabis in Portland, Ore., who shares her trimming philosophy, how LOWD trims its high-end line of Smoke Like a Grower (SLAG) bud using stick trimming, how she keeps her 7-person trim team motivated to repeatedly produce high-quality work, and more in this interview.Editor’s note: This interview has been edited for length, style and clarity.Brian MacIver: What’s your personal philosophy when it comes to trimming? Or, in other words, what effect should a good trim have on the product?Sara Morse: We spend months growing these buds and the trim team is kind of the last line of defense in really making sure that we’re letting the truest expression of that genome, of that … strain, really express itself and make sure that we’re leaving all the little beautiful little nuances of different strains intact.When we’re approaching a different strain or when I have a new trimmer that hasn’t worked with a strain that we grow before, I encourage them to take a little piece of a branch with a couple of buds on it, or cola, and kind of hold it at arm’s length and look…

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