Should living in former a drug factory be a concern? Apparently not, as old grow-op site sells for $76K over asking price

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A three-bedroom, terraced home in Greater Manchester that apparently housed a thriving cannabis farm was snapped up quick when the listing went to auction on Dec. 9, fetching £45,250 over the £90,000 asking price. It’s not clear if the buyer has a green thumb or not, but the photos previously posted on Rightmove telegraph the possibilities, according to The Sun . Toronto location scout asks owners what they do to be able to afford such great, big homes This marijuana mogul’s L.A. mansion — just listed — is absolutely wild These illicit cannabis growers tried — and failed — to keep up with the Joneses, say police One of the snaps shows 27 plastic plant pots in a bedroom whose windows were lovingly lined with heat-resistant plastic, a second displays a makeshift ventilation shaft running through the property for that rustic feel, and a third awaits some TLC to right a less-than-pleasing ceiling heater/ceiling DIY. Citing the Rightmove advertisement, NewsOpener reports that it states the home has three bedrooms and a study. Though the property “benefits from double glazing and central heating (not tested),” the home “is in need of refurbishment.” Supplying or producing a Class B drug in the U.K., which includes substances like cannabis, amphetamines, codeine and ketamine, is punishable for up to 14 years in prison, an unlimited fine or both. That home-buyers are shocked about “historic” pictures of a grow-op — which has since been dismantled — is shocking to James Ashworth, director of Landwood Property Auctions, which listed the property. “This is an end of the market that auctioneers and estate agents work in every day. It’s just very rarely spoken about,” said Ashworth, according to The Sun . “Landwood Group is frequently asked by receivers to sell properties at auction like this. This property was…

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Source : Should living in former a drug factory be a concern? Apparently not, as old grow-op site sells for K over asking price

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