Man sleeping in running truck in the middle of intersection easy pickings for arresting authorities

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A welfare check quickly transformed into a vehicle check that revealed methamphetamine, cannabis and drug paraphernalia courtesy of a 24-year-old Tennessean caught snoozing in his running truck in the middle of the road. Members of the Nashville Fire Department were initially dispatched to the scene on Dec. 2 to determine if the driver needed help, as the running Ford Explorer was located not only in the roadway, but in an intersection, according to Scoop Nashville . Firefighters removed the man from the truck to check his vitals. When the police arrived, an officer saw a glass pipe on the driver’s seat through the still-open door of the truck and could smell a strong weed smell emanating from the vehicle, Scoop Nashville reports. A search revealed six grams of cannabis , three grams of methamphetamine, a glass pipe and a digital scale. U.K. driver who tested positive for weed had cannabis in her car, false licence plates and absolutely no insurance ‘Green’ trade-in: Man tries to buy vehicle with 1.5 pounds of pot Panicked young smuggler mistakenly runs right into police station Travon Smotherman admitted that the pipe, which he used to smoke meth, was his, as was the box of cannabis. Things got worse when police checked their systems and found the driver had a revoked licence and had six prior failures to appear over the past five years. Smotherman was charged with possessing meth, marijuana and unlawful drug paraphernalia, as well as driving on a revoked licence, according to Nashville Scoop . Stegall Law reports that possessing cannabis for personal use, defined as a half-ounce or slightly more than 14 grams, in the state “is a misdemeanor punishable up to 11 months and 29 days.” If a person is caught with more than an ounce (28 grams) of weed,…

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Source : Man sleeping in running truck in the middle of intersection easy pickings for arresting authorities

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