Admitted ‘right idiot’ who smoked cannabis and then took his dad’s motorcycle out for a spin kicks off police chase

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A 23-year-old man in the U.K. who smoked cannabis and then took his father’s motorcycle to go get a soft drink ended up with more than a sugary beverage, reports the Wakefield Express . With no licence or insurance, Jordan Andrew Burnham led police on a near-four-minute chase through residential streets, reaching speeds in excess of 110 km/h. RELATED ARTICLES: Five-hour high-speed chase on Mediterranean sea ends in 2000-kilogram weed bust Police put brakes on female driver with cannabis in car driving at nearly double the speed limit Police chase leads to car crash and discovery of loaded gun, weed and mushrooms Judge Geoffrey Marson QC said it was an “absolute blessing” that nobody was injured in the pursuit.  Police noticed that the 500cc Kawasaki was not properly documented with the Ministry of Transport, and when they flicked on their lights, Burnham sped off, overtaking numerous vehicles and running a red light.  Prosecutors allege that Burnham showed no regard for pedestrians as he winded through the streets of Wakefield, a city of about 100,000 people in West Yorkshire. Pursuing officers eventually pulled back and drove to the address where the bike was registered. They found Burnham comfortably at home, wearing the same outfit he had on during the pursuit.  Burnham admitted to police that he had consumed cannabis a few hours previously and had taken out his father’s motorcycle while he was asleep, adding that he’d been a “right idiot.” The 23-year-old has a previous criminal history, including a drunk driving charge from 2016. In court, his defence attorney argued that he’d taken steps in recent years to turn his life around, including working at a local food factory. “ The decision he made was irrational and stupid for the purpose of going to buy a soft drink,” lawyer Shufquat…

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Source : Admitted ‘right idiot’ who smoked cannabis and then took his dad’s motorcycle out for a spin kicks off police chase

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