Vermont Governor Seeks Marijuana Regulator Applicants To Implement Legal Sales Program

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Vermont’s governor is taking a step toward implementing a legal marijuana sales market for adults, soliciting applications for three seats on the new program’s regulatory board. In a notice published late last month, the state described the experience applicants should have and the range of their would-be responsibilities as members of the Cannabis Control Board. Overall, they will be hired for the “purpose of safely, equitably, and effectively implementing and administering the laws and rules regulating adult-use cannabis in Vermont.” “The Board is responsible for establishing, administering, and regulating a cannabis regulatory system for commercial cannabis cultivators, wholesalers, product manufacturers, retailers, and testing laboratories,” the notice states. “The Board shall also take over responsibility for the regulation of medical cannabis dispensaries and the administration of the Medical Cannabis registry, currently administered by the Vermont Department of Public safety.” In addition to conducting initial rulemaking in accordance with the state’s new cannabis commercialization law, the board will administer the resulting recreational business licensing program, oversee the existing medical marijuana system and submit annual budgets to the governor. Gov. Phil Scott (R) will be appointing the three members of the board, including a chair, after applicants have been vetted by a nominating committee. Each person will serve a three-year term and can serve a maximum of three terms. “Candidates will be expected to develop a new complex regulatory system within a very tight timeframe established in the Act,” the posting says. “Preferred candidates will have experience in administering complex regulatory systems and the ability to manage a start-up enterprise with responsibility for licensing, compliance, and enforcement.” Among the requirements for applicants is that they cannot be in a position where they would be personally affected by any regulations that are created, nor can their direct family be “substantially” impacted. The positions are…

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