U.K. police find hundreds of cannabis plants spread across eight rooms

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Not once, but twice this year, a home on Euston Rd. in a Northampton, U.K. laid out the unwelcome mat for police searching for cannabis. The raid this time around produced quite a haul, with Northamptonshire Police officers finding at least 400 cannabis plants, notes a statement from the police. The grow was estimated to be worth £200,000 to £300,000 ($338,000 to $507,000) based on producing multiple yields, the police say. Police entered the mid-terrace house at about 9:20 am on Dec. 9 and found a thriving cannabis factory spread across eight rooms. Plants were at different stages of growth throughout the home, the police report. Teen, adult lose big after Scottish police find illegal grow worth up to £1 million in old bingo hall Massive grow-op with 1,000 cannabis plants raided Disused U.K. bar transformed into massive cannabis grow-op According to the Northampton Chronicle & Echo , which includes a short video of officers dismantling one of the marijuana plants, the large cultivation included makeshift ducts and dozens of multi-sockets. A 26-year-old man has been arrested, although as of Friday morning, police had not announced what, if any, charges are being contemplated. The same street was the target of another raid this past February. Police shut down a cannabis factory featuring 198 cannabis plants said to be worth about £80,000 ($135,200), reports the Northampton Chronicle & Echo . And reported just a hundred or so metres away, the jig was up last June for a marijuana grow-op that had taken root in the former Nationwide building, NorthantsLive reported at the time . A police raid revealed approximately 190 plants estimated to be worth as much as £10,000 ($16,900). Police in Northampton have come down hard on illegal cannabis cultivation — big and small; personal and more organized — in…

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Source : U.K. police find hundreds of cannabis plants spread across eight rooms

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