Here’s Why The EU Can’t Classify CBD As A Narcotic


It’s amazing that in spite of all the scientific evidence supporting the safety of cannabidiol (CBD), there remains a need to convince the political powers-that-be to allow the production and sale of this medicinal cannabinoid. In particular, the European Commission (EC) has taken the bizarre step of suspending all applications for CBD products to be granted novel food status while it decides on whether or not to classify the compound as a narcotic. The move came as something of a surprise to everyone in the CBD industry, which has seen huge growth in recent years thanks to the relaxing of restrictions and the opening up of new medicinal markets around the world. In January 2019, the EC classified CBD as a novel food, paving the way for its sale in Europe, yet in July of this year the EU’s executive branch back-tracked on this decision, saying that the cannabinoid would instead be regulated by the United Nations Single Convention on Narcotics of 1961. The EC is now reviewing the feasibility of this temporary change in status and is expected to clarify its position in the near future by passing a permanent ruling on the classification of CBD. Yet with a consensus among scientists as to the lack of harm posed by the cannabinoid, the argument for categorising the compound as a narcotic is crumbling under the weight of an entire library of research. Related Post European Court Finally Authorises CBD In France CBD Doesn’t Cause Impairment While Driving The latest study on the subject appeared today in the Journal of the American Medical Association[i], providing a definitive answer to one of the major sticking points in the debate over whether or not CBD can be classed as a narcotic. According to the study, the cannabinoid does not impair driving in…

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