Police raid results in seizure of six-foot tall cannabis 'Christmas tree'

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With an aroma more associated with skunks than pine needles, police in the U.K. removed a 6-foot (1.8 metre) festive tree from a home in Barnsley, reports Yorkshire Live . The seizure did not result in any festive cheer for a 31-year-old man, who was arrested at the scene for cultivating cannabis. You’re running out of time to get your very own weed Christmas tree — now, with a new name Merry-juana: Cannabis Christmas decorations you cannot celebrate without Marijuana Christmas tree seized in Germany The cannabis plant was found after a raid on the property. It’s not clear what prompted the raid but it seems the plant owner was momentarily in the clear, until responding officers got a closer look at the holiday offering. The plant was not decorated or disguised, and following a close inspection, police realized it was not Fir, or Spruce, or Pine, but in fact a hearty cannabis plant. It’s not a 6ft Christmas tree, it’s a 6ft Cannabis plant!The Barnsley #TaskingTeam found a cannabis set at a property on Henshall Street today. A 31 year old man was arrested at the scene. pic.twitter.com/o9Lw04khAg— SYP Barnsley (@SYPBarnsley) December 8, 2020 https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js It’s not the first time those with a creative sense of holiday spirit have run afoul of the law. Police seized a similarly sized cannabis plant decorated as a Christmas tree from a home in Germany in 2010 . The plant was decorated with a string of lights and secured in a proper Christmas tree stand but it wasn’t enough to fool authorities, who seized the plant and 150 grams of cannabis found in the apartment. If you’d like to honour the cannabis plant this holiday season but haven’t planted any, don’t fret. For the low, low price of $400+ you can purchase your…

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Source : Police raid results in seizure of six-foot tall cannabis 'Christmas tree'

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