Mexican Lawmakers Want Another Marijuana Legalization Deadline Delay

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A bill to legalize marijuana in Mexico is being delayed yet again. Although the Senate approved the cannabis legislation last month, leaders in the Chamber of Deputies agreed on Wednesday to request another deadline extension from the nation’s Supreme Court. In late 2018, the court deemed the prohibition on personal use and cultivation of marijuana unconstitutional and told lawmakers to formally end criminalization by October 2019. The deadline has since been moved back at lawmakers’ request several times, most recently to December 15. Now, legislative leaders are asking the Supreme Court to give them until February to get the cannabis bill across the finish line, Milenio reported. The Senate approved the legislation—which would establish a regulated cannabis market, allowing adults 18 and older to purchase and possess up to 28 grams of marijuana and cultivate up to six plants for personal use—in November. In recent days, several Chamber of Deputies committees took up the bill in hearings with the aim of moving it to a floor vote this week. But Chamber President Dulce María Sauri said that the body needs more time “to improve the regulatory framework on cannabis.” “I am sure that the Court, which follows these deliberations very closely, will see that the legislative work is well advanced,” she said. “I am sure that the Supreme Court of Justice will agree to do what is necessary to provide a good regulatory framework in this matter.” Dulce María Sauri alista solicitud de prórroga a la Corte para regular mariguana hasta 2021 — Milenio (@Milenio) December 9, 2020 Activists have expressed frustration over certain provisions of the legislation as it is currently drafted, arguing that it does not go far enough to protect consumers’ rights and promote social equity in the legal market. Now, the latest deadline delay, if…

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