Nicole Kidman latest celebrity to endorse a cannabis brand

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Nicole Kidman is the new face of SeraLabs, Inc., a subsidiary of CURE Pharmaceutical Holdings, the company announced today . Kidman will be the brand’s first-ever strategic partner and a global ambassador for the company’s topical products, which are focused on anti-aging, pain relief and hydrating lines. Let’s talk about celebrities and their weed brands. How do they get around Health Canada’s marketing rules? Should we listen to celebrities with cannabis brands? Drake’s not the only Canadian celebrity investing in cannabis The company wanted to work with someone who “genuinely cares about growing the business as much as we do,” says Nancy Duitch, CEO of SeraLabs. “A person just looking to lend their name was never going to work for us,” Duitch says. “[Kidman] is savvy, forward-thinking and embodies our brand values.” The deal is focused on nine current SeraLabs topical products and three additional products set to launch next year. According to the release, Kidman will play a key role in their development. “The partnership with SeraLabs was an easy decision for me,” Kidman, 53, says, adding that after injuring her ankle last year, she began to experiment with CBD. “I believe these products are a vital solution in health and wellness and Nancy and SeraLabs are a company I believe in,” the Oscar winner says. SeraLabs was acquired by CURE Pharmaceutical Holdings earlier this year. It is focused on the “innovation of pharmaceutical technology, wellness products and drug delivery,” the company states. “The growth and global interest of our newest acquisition SeraLabs has been tremendous over the past few months,” says CURE Pharmaceutical CEO Rob Davidson. “Nicole will, undoubtedly, help SeraLabs reach more consumers than ever before and grow our revenue exponentially over the next few years,” Davidson adds.

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