Nebraska Lawmaker Plans Adult-Use Cannabis Ballot Initiative


<![CDATA[Nebraska Sen. Anna Wishart is planning an adult-use cannabis ballot initiative for 2022, according to a KOLN report.Wishart is working on language to legalize adult-use cannabis that will be added to a medical cannabis legalization initiative that is planned for the state’s 2022 ballot, the news outlet reported.Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana filed new petition language with Secretary of State Robert Evnen in September to qualify a medical cannabis legalization initiative for the 2022 ballot, after the Nebraska Supreme Court ruled that the group’s 2020 initiative could not go before voters in the 2020 election.Evnen certified the group’s initiative in August after Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana collected the required number of signatures needed to qualify the measure for the 2020 ballot. Lancaster County Sheriff Terry Wagner then challenged the initiative in court, and the Supreme Court sided with Wagner, finding that as written, the measure’s language violated the single subject rule as outlined in the state constitution.While Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana continues its efforts to get medical cannabis legalization before voters in 2022, Wishart plans to introduce her language in January to legalize adult-use, according to a Dec. 5 Facebook post.“In light of the successful ballot measures in South Dakota and yesterday’s vote in the House of Representatives, our team is drafting a ballot initiative to legalize cannabis for adult use,” Wishart wrote.]]>

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Source : Nebraska Lawmaker Plans Adult-Use Cannabis Ballot Initiative

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