Historic bill to decriminalise cannabis passes House of Representatives


A historic bill to decriminalise cannabis has passed in the United States House of Representatives this past Friday. The bill called the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act passed in the house with a majority of 228 to 164. Mostly Democrat-led, the bill had just a handful of Republicans voting in favour. This bill, if eventually made into law would decriminalise cannabis on the federal level for the entire country. However, though it passed in the House, the bill still has to go to a vote in the United States Senate. It is highly unlikely though that it will be passed in the Republican-controlled Senate. Why pass a cannabis bill now? So why has this bill been brought about now? Strangely, it was Matt Gaetz, Republican congressional representative from Florida who summed it up. “Drugs have won,” Gaetz said while speaking to the House in reference to the ‘war on drugs’. “The only war people want to get out of more than the ‘war on drugs’, is the ‘war in Afghanistan’.” Gaetz, though a Republican, believes that decriminalising cannabis is the right move for the government as it’s something ordinary Americans want. Unfortunately, Gaetz is in the minority of Republicans with most of them voting against the historic bill. RELATED ARTICLE: CBD vs THC – know the differences CONTINUE READING It seems that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has used the momentum of recent states’ positive feelings on cannabis to push this agenda. However, it’s not just Democrats who want to see this bill pass — as exemplified by the recent elections. In the recent US elections, five states passed laws which would decriminalise cannabis in their states. This was not just in traditionally liberal-leaning, Blue states but also in conservative Red states. South Dakota and Montana, for example, both…

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