Everything you need to know about the Ardent FX


Branded as the Easy-Bake Oven of edibles, the Ardent FX is an all-in-one tool for decarboxylation, infusing, and even baking cannabis medicine and treats.  Founder and president Shanel A Lindsay is nothing short of a pioneer in the cannabis space. A total boss, she began her cannabis journey as a young mother in law school trying to manage pain and inflammation: “I’m almost 40 and in really good health, I attribute a lot of that to using cannabis and not having to rely on pharmaceuticals … [but] it was on me to make it happen.”  In addition to navigating the stigma against cannabis, she invested in a science-based approach to research her medicine, which ultimately led to the release of the Ardent Nova Decarboxylator in 2016. Released in April 2020, the evolved Ardent FX builds on the Nova, offering an even more comprehensive set of functions, and just like the Nova, strikes a balance between science and personal preference.  For anyone who wants to make their own cannabis infusions, the Ardent FX is a game changing tool. Learn more about the device below. What is the Ardent FX? The Ardent FX is, essentially, a full cannabis kitchen where you can go from plant to edible in one device. The compact and lightweight machine plugs into a regular outlet, making it a breeze to use anywhere, anytime, with no special requirements. The design is discreet in appearance and function; there are no weed-themed graphics and it won’t stink up the space.  The machine itself comes with four parts:  The main chamberLidBase that plugs into the wall Custom carrying case  Included in the package is a quick-start guide with simple instructions, and a digital in-depth instruction manual available upon registering the product online. Chic and efficient, it has a contemporary and unfussy feel. …

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