Dakine 420 Taps Fellow Oregon Company to Expand Output


<![CDATA[REDMOND, Ore., Dec. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — PRESS RELEASE — Dakine 420, a seven-year-old nutrient company, is partnering with Rexius to expand capacity for manufacturing and distribution of grow media across the nation.Founded in 2013, Oregon-based Dakine 420 began with a passionate commitment to advocacy and a vision to bring a new level of nutrient quality and real-time customer support to the cannabis and hemp growing industry. As marijuana legalization has taken hold in state after state, the company has established a solid market presence. Innovative, award-winning branding has made the Dakine 420 "Mad Scientist" theme an industry icon.That success has given Dakine 420 the opportunity to expand the reach of its high-quality nutrients and bulk grow-medium products from its home base in the Northwest. Recreational cannabis markets in the Midwest and on the East Coast present new frontiers in market penetration for the company. "Our facility has been humming along through the pandemic with robust sales," says Founder and CEO Kelly Martin. "Our powdered nutrients and microbial root-enhancing products are already shipped worldwide—supporting cannabis and hemp growing operations. The manufacturing relationship with Rexius allows us to supply our bagged and bulk Coco Coir products for distribution nationwide. It’s a well-respected company with high standards and quality leadership we enjoy working with."Rexius produces composts, soils and ground covers, along with other services. The company’s high quality-control has set an industry standard, and Dakine 420 Coco Coir products—loaded with micronutrients, mycorrhizae, amino acids, bacteria and other root-building compounds—have proven to be some of the highest quality potting media on the market. Now, Dakine 420 is trusting Rexius to produce its proprietary formulations. ]]>

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Source : Dakine 420 Taps Fellow Oregon Company to Expand Output

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