Turkish security forces add to tally of bagged terrorists and seize 135 kilograms of cannabis

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Anti-terrorism operations by Turkish security forces recently ended with the seizure of different contraband, including 135 kilograms of weed. The cannabis was seized as part of raids on 13 hideouts or shelters used in Turkey’s eastern Bingol province by members of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK)/YPG group, notes a statement from the Turkey’s Ministry of Interior, reports Anadolu Agency . The YPG is the PKK’s Syrian arm. Bullets, an improvised explosive and supplies relating to food, life and health were also seized, the ministry reports. Drug dealers are adapting to ‘the new normal’ through fake food-delivery services Power grab: Newly busted illicit grow-ops in Spain pilfered $2.3 million in electricity Five-hour high-speed chase on Mediterranean sea ends in 2000-kilogram weed bust Since the operations were launched in mid-July, at least 148 terrorists were neutralized (which the publication notes implies surrendered or being killed or captured), 77 terrorist accomplices arrested, 455-plus caves and shelters destroyed, a large number of arms and ammunition were demolished and a vast amount of drugs, an income source for the PKK, seized, according to AA . Drug trafficking in Turkey “has a very transnational flavour — a fact that’s hardly surprising given Turkey’s proximity to key demand markets in Europe and the Middle East, as well as its location as a land bridge from supply countries like Afghanistan,” notes a report by Prohibition Partners , which provides independent data, intelligence and strategy for the cannabis industry. Trafficking is also a matter of national security, with Prohibition Partners adding drugs are a key source of terrorism financing in the country. According to American Addictions Centers , possession of drugs in the country can result in big fines and prison sentences, while the penalties for selling drugs “can be even stricter.” Just this past summer, the Turkish military…

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Source : Turkish security forces add to tally of bagged terrorists and seize 135 kilograms of cannabis

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