Teen, adult lose big after Scottish police find illegal grow worth up to £1 million in old bingo hall

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Two drug dealers, including a 16-year-old youth, got stung when Scottish police discovered weed with an estimated street value of £600,000 to £1 million (more than $1 million to $1.7 million) inside a disused bingo hall in Port Glasgow. Executing a warrant about mid-day on Dec. 4, the Refrewshire & Inverclyde Division of Police Scotland won big when they discovered connections between the grow and the school boy and 40-year-old man, according to The Scottish Sun . Raid on Scottish home leads to discovery of $55,000 worth of cannabis plants U.K. plumber converts attic into cannabis grow, gets pinched by police Dopey dealers pushing a terpene-telling shopping cart catch the eyes (and noses) of police A police Facebook post does not mention ages, but notes two males were arrested on suspicion of drug-related offences. Inquiries into the incident are ongoing. “This is an excellent example of our ongoing commitment to dismantle the illegal drug trade here in Inverclyde,” Area Commander Chief Inspector Paul Cameron states in the post. “We made a commitment to tackle this illegal drug trade and are fully committed to bringing those responsible to justice,” Cameron continues. The two accused are expected to appear at Greenock Sheriff Court today, The Scottish Sun reports. In July of 2019, Police Scotland busted another drug farm estimated to be worth £985,400 ($1.7 million) in another disused location. The illegal grow-op was again in Port Glasgow, but this time was located in a disused industrial unit. A tip from a member of the public ended with police finding and seizing 600-plus weed plants and grow equipment, something that took them days to finish, reports the BBC . Employing disused spaces for illegal grow-ops is becoming commonplace throughout the U.K. A recent raid at an old warehouse in Lenton, U.K. , for…

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Source : Teen, adult lose big after Scottish police find illegal grow worth up to £1 million in old bingo hall

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