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ZoneOut TV is giving viewers an easy way to take a break from the stressors of life. The expanding series of beautiful video ambiances features a wide variety of relaxing nature scenes such as sunsets, spring showers, ocean waves and mountain vistas.  When you’ve had enough news, politics and social media, ZoneOut TV provides a welcome refuge. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many viewers watch ZoneOutTV as a way to check in with themselves and find some much needed inner solace.  One recent testimonial reads, “I have lost family this year… I cannot go out, and I am sick of the political climate that seems to permeate all forms of media. I am grateful that I can enjoy a glimpse into your view of the world and find some peace.” For others, the streaming service helps provide connection to the outdoors and places they miss visiting. While most of the scenes are of nature and the outdoors, there are also beautiful urban and lifestyle scenes, as well as those with animals.  Keep the ZoneOut channel on for calming background noise while you’re working at home; set it on an auto-timer to help you fall asleep; or simply sink into the couch and take in the views as you light up some quality herb for a relaxing end to your day.   Pairs Well with Cannabis We all know how well cannabis and shows like Planet Earth go together. ZoneOut TV’s soothing scenes transform your space into a gentle, safe and feel-good environment so you can truly unwind and give your mind a break.  And with ZoneOut TV, there’s no need to worry about the plot line or any disruptive commercial breaks. With nearly 100 scenes of hour-long, infinity loop-able episodes, you can let your mind roam and have a completely message-free…

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