Year-old boy hospitalized after suspected overdose of Tylenol and cannabis

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It is not clear how a one-year-old boy ended up ingesting enough Tylenol and cannabis that an ambulance had to be called and the child had to be hospitalized. The parents told police they feared the boy ingested Tylenol PM, with hospital blood tests showing presence of both the over-the-counter medicine and weed in the boy’s system, according to . Cleveland police report that the child fell asleep as usual last Sunday, not showing any signs of illness, but that his parents were unable to rouse him the following morning. The parents called 9-1-1 and the ambulance transferred the boy, who seemed to have suffered an overdose, to a nearby hospital, reports. Mystery illness affecting two teens ended up being caused by cannabis- and morphine-laced gummies provided by an older boy Report of weed edibles among child’s Halloween candy leads to take-down of illegal lab in B.C. THC-infused fake Nerds candy sold to children at schools The young boy was staying with his great-grandmother on Sunday and the child’s father picked him up at about 6 p.m. that day. When the father arrived, several people were at the home, he reportedly told police. A police investigation is continuing into how the boy ingested the drugs. This summer, Health Canada issued an advisory about the importance of keeping cannabis out of the reach of children after learning of several cases of serious harm requiring hospitalization after kids accidentally consumed illegal edible cannabis products. Citing a study out of Colorado, where medicinal and recreational weed is legal, reports there had been an increase in the number of children, between the ages of eight months and 12 years, brought to the emergency room after swallowing medical marijuana products. Common symptoms shown by the children included excessive sleepiness, dizziness and trouble…

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Source : Year-old boy hospitalized after suspected overdose of Tylenol and cannabis

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