Joe Rogan is (sort of) getting lit with Flaming Joe

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Never one to be shy about weed advocacy or short on energy, it makes sense that Joe Rogan’s foray into the cannabis beverage arena would be full of spice and heat. Collaborating with Atlanta-based energy drink maker Kill Cliff, the Flaming Joe is a spicy jalapeño pineapple fusion with a splash of CBD. One 12-ounce (355 ml) can contains 25 mg of CBD, according to Kill Cliff, a company founded by Navy SEAL Todd Ehrlich that prides itself on making “clean and delicious” energy drinks. Gwyneth Paltrow invests in LA-based cannabis beverage company More Canadians are aware of cannabis beverages, but will they be buying them this holiday season? Cannabis beverage challenge: Can cannabis beverages overcome the tobaccoization of cannabis? The CBD is derived from 125 mg of broad-spectrum hemp, B-vitamins, electrolytes and plant extracts. Does the drink contain sugar, junk or artificial ingredients? No, those have all been tossed from the ring. “It’s amazing how much good you can get out of a 24-kilogram kettlebell and a can of Kill Cliff CBD,” Rogan — whose podcast has feature many cannabis/celebrity pairings, including Mike Tyson and Miley Cyrus — says in the company statement. Rogan asked Tyson what benefits he gets out of marijuana and what it does for him. “Hey, man, if I didn’t, I’d have a bad day. Yeah, I’m a real moody guy without it. It just smoothes me out so they think I’m a whole different person. I’m on top of my game; I’m balling,” he said.

Rogan has also voiced his keen support of CBD and its positive impact on mental and physical well-being. “I take regular CBD, too, though. I take oil. I feel like it’s very beneficial and much more potent in terms of its anti-inflammatory benefits than just smoking it,”…

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