4 weed products B-Real can't live without


You can’t talk about weed culture without talking about Cypress Hill. It just wouldn’t be right. From songs like “Hits from the Bong” and “I Wanna Get High” to legendary moments like lighting up a joint on Saturday Night Live — and being banned forever — they’ve been here, advocating for legalization and free use of the plant since the jump.  So when I had the chance to talk to B-Real, one-fourth of the hip hop collective, in celebration of his appearance on BET’s Smoke: Marijuana + Black America documentary, it was an immediate “yes.”  “[BET] just asked for my involvement, and I was like yeah for sure. Anytime you get a chance to speak on behalf of the culture, in terms of cannabis, I’m always willing.” B-Real has a very cool demeanor. He’s calm, collected, and ready for all the curveball questions, just like you’d expect from someone who’s been talking about legalization and the cannabis business for years now. When asked what cannabis culture means to him today, he told me, “Every part of it has a sub branch from the original shit. There’s the cultivator culture, there’s the brand culture. Cannabis and music always went together. People smoking, at any degree, most times, are rocking that shit with music. We were able to talk about cannabis in our music, so that’s a part of the cannabis culture.”  Navigating legalization and how to keep the culture alive Cypress Hill has been championing cannabis for over 30 years now. Since before Washington and Colorado even considered the thought of legal weed. “Back when we started, legalization was the big thing. To get to a point where people would be open to the thought of legalization — who knew what it would turn into?”

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