Could a cannabis ad ever air during the Super Bowl?

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A satirical sports blog from NGSC Sports is reminding readers that the National Football League (NFL) still has a long way to go when it comes to reforming its cannabis policies. The blog, authored by Sammy Sportsface, which is definitely a real name, claims that a 30-second ad detailing the benefits of medicinal marijuana has received the green light to be aired during Super Bowl Sunday. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to happen anytime soon. U.S. consumers high on buying more weed leading up to Super Bowl Sunday CBD could help 49ers fans with devastating Super Bowl loss Will a cannabis ad debut at this year’s Super Bowl? With millions of viewers — CBS Sports reports that 148.5 million people watched at least part of last season’s game — getting a message to that many eyeballs would be a big win for North America’s cannabis sector. Any such move, though, would be out of step with previous weed ad offerings. A storyboard presentation of an ad from Acreage Holdings — which showed how cannabis had helped the health and lives of three people before advocating for the legalization of medical cannabis and displaying the company logo — got the hook from CBS in 2019. With the ad touting, “the time is now” for medicinal cannabis, the broadcaster quickly made clear it was not the time for the one-minute spot.

“We just got a blanket denial,” Joen Choe, vice president of marketing for Acreage Holdings, told The GrowthOp’s Sam Riches earlier this year . “In my mind, I’m pretty positive that there wasn’t further review or consideration of the content, it was just, ‘Oh, this is cannabis so we’re saying no.’ We were very disappointed with that, obviously.” USA TODAY Sports  reported  at the time that CBS broadcast standards do not…

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