Cannabis removed from United Nations list of most harmful substances

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The United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs voted on Wednesday to remove cannabis from the organization’s list of Schedule IV Drugs, reserved for the most harmful substances. For nearly 60 years , cannabis and cannabis resin have been scheduled alongside heroin and other drugs deemed to have limited medical value. The reclassification could lead to broader acceptance of medical cannabis and open the door for further scientific research. U.N. drug board head questions if international drug treaties are outdated World Health Organization postpones international scheduling of cannabis Weed is the most popular drug in the world, United Nations reports The vote follows six recommendations made by the World Health Organization (WHO) in January 2019 , which called for cannabis to be rescheduled, among other directives. The first recommendation and the most significant, item 5.1., stated, “ Delete cannabis and cannabis resin from Schedule IV of the 1961 Convention. ” Voting on item 5.1 was close among the 53 member states, with 27 votes for, 25 against and one abstention. “This action has the potential to stimulate global research into the therapeutic potential and public health effects of cannabis and to attract additional investigators to the field, including those who may have been deterred by the Schedule IV status, ” U.S. representative Ethan Glick said following the vote, according to Prohibition Partners , a cannabis market intelligence firm. #BREAKINGNEWSThe @UN has voted to reschedule cannabis and cannabis-based products from schedule IV to schedule I. This signifies that the @UN officially recognises the medical benefits of cannabis and that it does not pose serious harm to consumers.More on this shortly…— Prohibition Partners (@prohibition_p) December 2, 2020 Earlier this year, Cornelis de Joncheere, president of the International Narcotics Control Board, said it was time to update drug policies that were more than…

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