Everything you need to know about the Dr. Dabber switch


A dab rig and flower vape all in one handheld vaporizer, the Dr. Dabber Switch offers convenience for newbies and dabbing veterans alike.  The relatively compact set-up is a streamlined luxury item for those who are used to more precarious rigs, and it’s easy enough for first-time dabbers to use without any problems. The main game-changing feature is the machine’s patent pending induction heating system, which offers lightning fast heat with no hot spots and temperature accuracy within one percent. Controlling the heat is key to getting a good hit, and users can choose from 25 settings to optimize flavor or cloud density.  In general, it has a high-tech feel and will delight the tech-obsessed and anyone who’s looking for an easy way to dab on the go.. Learn everything you need to know about the Dr. Dabber Switch below. What is the Dabber Switch? The Dr. Dabber Switch is a rechargeable electronic bubbler that has an internal induction heat source.  The only one of its kind, this rig’s technology provides almost instant high heat vaporization for cannabis concentrates, extracts and flower. Included in the basic package are these ten items: Battery chargerCharging cordCeramic oil induction cupCeramic flower induction cupInduction cap coverDab tool/carb capInduction baseBubbler Reverse tweezersSilicon box  Dr. Dabber How does it work? The key to successfully operating the rig is to master the light indicators. The instructions are detailed, but come off a bit confusing with a lot of overcomplicated language. With four possible modes, all for different functions, it does feel fussy and overly complex. Then again, techies who love digging into a gadget to discover hidden features will likely enjoy the process.  And while controlling the modes can be tricky, the clearly marked “main button” that allows users to switch from oils to flower couldn’t be easier. …

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