Five-hour high-speed chase on Mediterranean sea ends in 2000-kilogram weed bust

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Five people been have been arrested and 2,000-kilograms of cannabis has been seized following a high-speed boat chase on the Mediterranean Sea, reports The Independent. The pursuit lasted more than five hours and covered more than 100 nautical miles. U.S. border patrol found a Canadian, known for his submarine smuggling operation, unconscious in the Detroit River with 265 pounds of weed tied to him A stolen boat investigation led the RCMP to 1,200 illegal cannabis plants Lofty cannabis ‘tree’ no more after being found by police The alleged smuggling boat was spotted about 80 miles off the coast of Cartagena, in southeastern Spain. The vessel sped-off when approached by a Customs Surveillance patrol. Police officers allege that the suspects tossed large bales of cannabis overboard during the five-hour chase, in addition to smaller packages believed to contain hash. Though cannabis is decriminalized in Spain for personal use, sales and importation of the plant remains strictly prohibited and can lead to jail time. In a video released by Spanish authorities, the chase appears to end calmly, despite the length and high-speeds. Officers can be seen approaching the stopped vessel and having a short conversation with the occupants before loading bales of cannabis onto the police boat. Closer to home, Canadian Glen Richard Mousseau was apprehended earlier this year while allegedly attempting to smuggle cannabis into the U.S. via the Detroit River . Mousseau was found unconscious near Celeron Island, after jumping ship when the boat had been spotted by border authorities. Mousseau had lost consciousness after attempting to swim with a 265-pound bale of cannabis tied to his body. It was the second arrest in less than a month for Mousseau who had previously been caught with $97,000 of cash stashed in his trunk when attempting to enter the U.S. in…

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Source : Five-hour high-speed chase on Mediterranean sea ends in 2000-kilogram weed bust

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