Source of mysterious lights across Detroit River turned out to be weed farms in Windsor, Ont.

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TV station WDIV Detroit recently wondered what the source of a mysterious glow near its across-the-river neighbour Windsor, Ont. The discovery was less of a puzzle as it was the lights from weed greenhouses upstaging stars and creating a colourful glow. With the reporter noting the glow looked like an eternal sunset, he said it clearly wasn’t the sun or the moon. “Regardless of the shade, it’s terribly bright,” reporter Tim Pamplin noted of the glow from nearby Leamington, albeit about 40 miles (64 km) away from downtown Detroit. At the base of the lights are thousands of acres of greenhouses, many of them used for growing weed, Pamplin said in the report . Brighton, ON residents who grow medical pot may soon find themselves in a difficult position due to neighbours’ complaints Flora or fauna? Skunky smell from skunk, not weed This Northern Ontario community wants to say goodbye to skunky cannabis smells The source of the illumination may have been a surprise to people on the street in Windsor, but not Leamington Mayor Hilda MacDonald. “We are basically the greenhouse cannabis capital,” MacDonald said. The situation has proved contentious between some greenhouse operators and local residents, with some arguing that the light pollution has become a public nuisance. As of last month, Leamington was exploring whether or not to follow in the steps of Kingsville, which gave the green light to light pollution and odour suppression bylaw to answer greenhouse-related issues, the Windsor Star reports . The bylaw allows for fines if the light from cannabis cultivation shines on neighbouring properties or into the sky at night. At the time, Leamington council voted to get more information from growers. Among other things, the current bylaw notes council may take action to close all or part of a cannabis…

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Source : Source of mysterious lights across Detroit River turned out to be weed farms in Windsor, Ont.

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