It’s Trim Time: A List of Everything You Need to Properly Trim Cannabis

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Once again it is that season when the days grow shorter and harvest is completed, and so our thoughts turn to trimming. Not just the trimmings for Thanksgiving dinner or trimming the Christmas tree, but to trimming the cannabis crop! Now that you have grown your plants to perfection, you’ll need to redirect your energy to manicuring the flowers which is the final step to show off the beauty of the bud. After harvesting and drying them until the stems snap and excess moisture is evaporated, we like to wrap the bud covered branches in unbleached Kraft paper. We roll them into big “burritos” and stand them up in plastic tubs so they stay fresh – not too dry and not too moist –  and maintain temperature and humidity at 60º and 60 percent. The next step is to prepare your trimming area, making sure it is clean and comfortable. I recommend putting plastic sheets on the floor, so you’re not grinding extra leaves and waste into your carpets, and also a plastic tablecloth on the large table you’ll be using. Some people prefer to sit on a couch with a trim tray on their lap but I find that it’s preferable to be able to spread out on a table and keep my back straight while sitting in a chair Bucked cannabis rolled in Kraft paper. Gear You’ll Need to Get the Job Done & How to Use it Trimming scissors   I recommend the orange handled Chikamasa brand, but if you’re trimming a very large amount you may want to have other styles on hand as well to switch between in order to avoid repetitive stress injury. I also suggest that if your hands start to feel tired, stretch your arms in front of you, turn your palms…

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Source : It’s Trim Time: A List of Everything You Need to Properly Trim Cannabis

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