Texas deputy finds six big bundles of cannabis in abandoned truck

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Thanksgiving came early for Brewster County in Texas when a sheriff’s deputy on patrol spied a suspicious-looking vehicle and ended up seizing six very large bundles of weed, stopping the drug from making its way onto community streets. The deputy was driving along the highway during the early hours of Nov. 26 when he saw the truck. Nearing the vehicle to get a closer look, the truck sped away and was abandoned a short time later, notes a cheeky, hashtag-stuffed Facebook post from the Brewster County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO). The occupants ran from the area and managed to escape on foot to Mexico. When the vehicle was searched, the police discovered six large marijuana bales that when stacked on top of one another would be far taller than the deputy who first saw the suspicious vehicle. Man who used Snapchat to advertise weed products for sale at a Sonic Drive-In charged with money laundering Border patrol finds cannabis bundles worth nearly a million abandoned in the middle of nowhere Mexican trucker who claimed he had to smuggle weed into the U.S. to free his kidnapped wife handed three years in prison Being in Thanksgiving mode, the BCSO has reached out to the “owners” of the cannabis. “If they would like to claim their contraband, we can be reached 24/7 by calling one of our friendly dispatchers,” the post quips. As for those who weren’t trying to smuggle cannabis into Texas, “we hope everyone else has a Happy Thanksgiving!” the BCSO adds. The post kicked off a lively discussion on all things Thanksgiving, the age-old argument of stuffing or dressing and the commentary on smugglers and their need to get stuffed. “I guess he chose stuffing after those turkeys lost their stuffed bales,” one poster said of the eagle-eyed deputy. “I…

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Source : Texas deputy finds six big bundles of cannabis in abandoned truck

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