Pregnant woman admits to selling heroin, cocaine and cannabis out of garage

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A 20-year-old pregnant woman has pleaded guilty to selling drugs out of a garage in Malta, reports Malta Today . The garage was raided by police earlier this week after a stakeout that lasted several days. Malta is officially out of weed Malta to export $1.4 billion of medical marijuana by 2023 Jamaica partnership with Harvard Institute to help Island cannabis compete worldwide Police blocked off the garage entrances and exits before cutting through an iron door that had been bolted from the inside. Once inside, they found 63 sachets of heroin, 110 sachets of cocaine and 15 sachets of crack cocaine, ready for sale. Police allege the drugs are worth around €4,000 ($6,200). Kimberly Aly was arrested at the scene and appeared before magistrate Astrid May Grima earlier this week. Accused of having supplied cocaine, heroin and cannabis, Aly pleaded guilty to the charges. She was granted bail with a deposit of €2,000 ($3,100) and a personal guarantee of €10,000 ($15,500). As Aly awaits sentencing, she will be required to sign a bail book twice weekly and observe a curfew. Cannabis, while partially decriminalized, remains illegal on the Southern European island. Possession of small amounts of the plant, 3.5 grams or less, was effectively decriminalized in 2015, reports Malta Today . Those found in possession of cannabis can still be detained by police for up to 48 hours and fined between €50 and €100 (about $80 to $155). A medical cannabis program was introduced in 2018, but has been criticized for exorbitant prices and limited supplies . Despite the country’s ban on the plant, it has aspirations of being one of Europe’s leading medical cannabis producers, with a goal of exporting more than $1.4 billion in cannabis products by 2023 .

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