Man claims more than a kilogram of cannabis was meant for a (very big) batch of homemade soup

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An Irish resident is definitely in the soup after claiming that the €20,000 ($31,000) worth of weed he had in his vehicle was merely meant as an ingredient for the soup he planned to make. In fact, after being caught with the substantial stash, Eddy Osagie, 50, initially claimed the weed wasn’t really weed at all, according to EchoLive . Osagie said the paste-like substance found inside a couple of cereal boxes was a completely different material than cannabis. The explanation failed to convince Irish gardai, who had stopped the man and grew suspicious when they noticed a marijuana smell emanating from his car. Irish boxer waves at police while smoking cannabis, avoids criminal record Irish woman who grew rotten weed gets suspended sentence Vehicle search in Irish county reveals weed worth $961,000 Police arrested Eddy Osagie, who has lived in Ireland since 2003 and has no previous convictions for drug convictions, EchoLive reports. “Osagie was arrested and made certain admissions. He said he had it for medical needs and used to use it for making soup,” Garda William Hosford reportedly said. He was charged with possession. In court, defence senior counsel Elizabeth O’Connell explained that Osagie readily told police that the paste was mixed with beans and was used in food. But Judge Seán Ó Donnabháin was unmoved by the cooking argument, remarking on Osagie’s attitude before imposing a sentence of two years in jail, with the last year suspended. He was also disqualified from driving for four years, since his vehicle was used to carry the drug. “It was very knowingly done and with a curious sense of entitlement that he had it for medicine slash food value slash ‘this is what I do’,” Judge Ó Donnabháin said, according to EchoLive . An incident in India this summer…

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Source : Man claims more than a kilogram of cannabis was meant for a (very big) batch of homemade soup

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