Irish woman who grew rotten weed gets suspended sentence

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It was meant to help ease her arthritis, but the cannabis grown by an Irish woman was so rotten that she couldn’t smoke it and police investigators had to check carefully to confirm it actually was weed. Not only was the 46-year old woman from Mallow, a town in the Republic of Ireland, unable to smoke the weed to help ease her pain, it was so substandard that police maintain she couldn’t have given it away, according to EchoLive . The initial plan was to make cannabis oil, which she explained in detail to police, but the grow-gone-godawful was so bad that she was unable to even smoke the battered buds. She had previously found that using cannabis did help to reduce her arthritis symptoms. Vehicle search in Irish county reveals weed worth $961,000 After living with chronic pain for years, a disabled and retired army corporal turned his life around using cannabis Ireland’s health minister isn’t apologizing for past cannabis use, supports legalization In Canada, for example, medical cannabis has been a legal treatment option for certain health conditions, including arthritis, notes the Arthritis Society . “While cannabis can’t cure arthritis or slow disease progression, some people report that it helps to alleviate their symptoms.” Police discovered the grow-op in mid-November of 2018, EchoLive reports. Equipped with a search warrant, the woman admitted to officers with the Mallow District Drugs Squad what she had been doing without hesitation, a court recently heard. She noted that the cannabis had begun to rot. On the property, officers found a grow-house with 33 plants and some herb. There was no evidence of other equipment, such as weighing scales or packing equipment, that might be associated with drug dealing. In court, the drug squad’s Detective Garda William Hosford said the weed looked off-colour,…

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Source : Irish woman who grew rotten weed gets suspended sentence

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