How to Handle Edibles In Front the Family This Thanksgiving

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It’s that time of the year when everyone is coming together to celebrate everything they are grateful for with the people they love and a lot of food. Whether you’re going to be chilling at home with your loved ones, heading to an extended family member’s house for a big feast or putting together a special Friendsgiving, you definitely want to be able to enjoy the day your way without making anyone else feel uncomfortable. If you plan on partaking in edibles to enhance your Thanksgiving experience, there are a few things to consider before you commit to your plan. Do you want to arrive before or after the edibles kick in? Should you eat enough of your edible to make it last a while or consume it in a few smaller doses to keep you nice and evenly lit throughout the celebration? The details are really up to you, although there are some basics to follow that will ensure that you not only make it through the meal but through the entire day with a little grace. Don’t Overdo It Although you might have a usual amount of THC that hits the spot when you’re eating edibles, you should plan to have a little less than normal on days where you might need to have more of your wits about you. Even if you have a long car ride ahead of you or know that you will be sitting around for a few hours until the food is finished, don’t go overboard or you most likely end up sleeping through the festivities. Give Yourself a Minute Depending on when you eat your edibles, it may take a little longer than usual for you to feel the effects of them — particularly if you choose to eat them during (like with these recipes) or after…

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