Ben Affleck had a dissociative panic attack when he smoked weed at 15

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As a cast member of the ultimately named stoner movie, Dazed and Confused , one might think Ben Affleck is a big fan and regular user of weed. One would be wrong. Then in his early-20s, Affleck relays in his new book that getting high — something he says some cast members embraced — was far from his comfort zone. “I had a bad experience with marijuana at 15. I had a dissociative panic attack,” the 48-year-old Oscar winner writes in Alright, Alright, Alright: The Oral History of Richard Linklater’s Dazed and Confused , according to Page Six. Both cannabis and alcohol were not that big a part of Affleck’s life back in 1992, when Dazed and Confused was being filmed. He avoided drinking and smoking with other cast members for the most part, but when it was necessary, he manned up, persevered and faked fun his way to fame. Should we listen to celebrities with cannabis brands? Jim Carrey tells Conan O’Brien about the time Rodney Dangerfield offered his dad some pot Pete Davidson is pleading with the public: ‘Please stop sending weed to my mom’s house’ “I only smoked weed if everyone else was smoking and I had to sort of Bill Clinton it and fake it,” he writes. “I didn’t really like marijuana.” Anxiety Canada reports some youth who have panic attacks don’t experience derealization, common sensations for which include distorted perception of time, space and size of things around the person, feeling like everything is foggy, fuzzy or warped, and thoughts of going crazy or being very ill. A study two years ago on cannabis-induced depersonalization-derealization disorder found that the most significant risk factor appears to be a history of pathological anxiety. “Anxiety-prone young males who use cannabis may be at ultra-high risk for cannabis-induced depersonalization-derealization disorder,…

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