Toronto location scout asks owners what they do to be able to afford such great, big homes

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TikTok is blowing up over a Toronto-based location scout who finds beautiful homes in the city and then asks owners, including those in the cannabis space, questions everyone wishes they had the nerve to ask: What do you do for a living? Read: How much money do you make to afford such great digs? Aaron Vankampen, a freelance location scout for One Percent Homes takes it old school by walking to the front door of the homes, knocking and asking his question… before going new school and posting the whole shebang on TikTok and Instagram. B.C.’s Pure Sunfarms CBD brand to pop up in chichi Hong Kong shops this holiday season The house that pot built: Inside Dan Bilzerian’s $65 million Bel-Air bachelor pad This marijuana mogul’s L.A. mansion — just listed — is absolutely wild With COVID-19 delivering a hard hit to his business, Vankampen figured something creative was in order, according to BlogTO. “I was looking for a way to promote my location scouting business via social media because the pandemic has drastically effected business,” he told the website. What makes Vankampen stop and want to ask his question? “I look for houses [where] I can somewhat profile the people that answer the doors,” BlogTO reports. It takes a fair amount of pounding the pavement and knocking — about 40 to 50 doors — to get about two videos to post, Vankampen estimates. Homeowners in his videos run the gamut, ranging from a number of lawyers to people in real estate, a baby photographer, a person who “is in investments”, a person with a trust fund, an owner of a food factory in Iran, a technology executive, owners of a company that installs automatic doors, construction and a (not very pleased) singer. Once on an owner’s doorstep, Vankampen makes sure…

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Source : Toronto location scout asks owners what they do to be able to afford such great, big homes

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