There’s A ’50-50 Chance Connecticut Will Legalize Marijuana In 2021, New House Speaker Says

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As more of its neighboring states move to legalize marijuana, Connecticut is increasingly likely to enact the reform itself, incoming House Speaker Matt Ritter (D) said on Thursday. He put the chances of state lawmakers passing a legalization bill during next year’s legislative session at 50–50., and said that the body should hold a vote on the issue regardless of whether it has enough support to pass. “It is now legal in New Jersey, New York is coming, and it’s legal in Massachusetts,” Ritter said at a virtual meeting hosted by a business organization. “Connecticut cannot fortify its border.” Lawmakers in neighboring Rhode Island also recently took up a legalization bill there at a hearing this week, and top lawmakers in the state are preparing a push to end cannabis prohibition in 2021. Connecticut residents—including people he knows personally—are already traveling to Massachusetts to buy legal marijuana and bringing it back to the state, Ritter said in his new comments. “I have a lot of neighbors and friends that go to work every day who take care of their families,” the incoming speaker said. “They go to Northampton, they buy pot. They drive back, and they are still practicing responsible adults. You can’t just pretend that it’s not all around you and readily available.” As for legalization in Connecticut, “I think it’s got a 50–50 chance of passing this year,” he said, “and I think you should have a vote regardless.” Ritter has been a vocal proponent of marijuana reform in Connecticut and said earlier this month that legalization in the state is “inevitable.” His remarks this week came during a meeting with the Connecticut Retail Merchants Association, which was first reported by the Hartford Courant. Watch the speaker’s marijuana comments, about 53:35 into the video below: Sen. Kevin Kelly…

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