MedCannID. UKs first medical cannabis patient card LIVE on the appstores

What is a MedCannID?

MedCannID is a medical cannabis patient validation system that offers simple and effective security and protection for medical cannabis patients by means of a unique tamper-proof holographic physical photo ID card and an accompanying mobile app which keeps all your prescription data handy.

Download and install the MedCannID app for Android

Download and install the MedCann

Are you eligible for a medical cannabis ID card?

Have you been prescribed medical cannabis in the UK ?

Sign up using the app for Android or iphone(coming soon)

Anyone with a current valid UK cannabis prescription can sign up to receive the medical cannabis ID card to prove your legal patient status.

What are the benefits of MedCannID?

  • Physical confirmation that you are a legal medical cannabis patient providing security against illegal arrest by validating your legal status.
  • Certifies that you use cannabis for medical purposes to any authorities, mainly law enforcement
  • In the event of medical emergency, medical personnel can be notified of your cannabinoid intake. This is very important to pharmacotherapy in emergencies.
  • Eliminate stigma at home, rented accommodation, work and in your community
  • Legitimise carrying your medical supply and equipment in public
  • Always carry with you a digital copy of your prescriptions
  • Quickly prove your medical status on Public Transport and Customs
  • Discounts on the purchase of medical cannabis consumables with selected partners(vaporisers etc)

The physical card

The card is made out of flexible plastic and it’s valid for one year . It includes a photo and your unique registration number and also has a holographic tamper-proof seal with embedded unique numbers and void technology

The app

Use the MedCannID app to register, update and upload details as well as to verify your latest valid prescription date.

How do I sign up ?

You can register using a mobile device or a computer either by downloading the app or just simply using the device link below

1. Register and verify your identity using the app or using the ID CARD button on the website

2. Upload your prescription | Send a copy or upload your prescription to the app.

3. Receive your MedCannID in the post

How much does it cost?

The card is FREE for anyone with a valid UK prescription and it’s renewed annually

Why is MedCannID so important

There are now 100s of patients in the UK who are being prescribed medical cannabis, entirely legally, but who may still be subject to checks by members of the police. It can be very distressing for patients to be questioned by police officers for possessing or consuming legal medical cannabis on prescription.

Furthermore, it can be a waste of police time and resources to pursue and criminalise these patients.   

Benefits to Law Enforcement from using MedicanID 

  • Law enforcement officers, transport police or other authorities can very quickly establish the legal status of a medical cannabis patient and avoid liability for potential illegal arrest and illegal seizure of life-saving medication 
  • The MedCannID app contains details on the amount and type of cannabis that has been prescribed to the patient as a unique ID number ties the patient to the current prescription that has been written 

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