Cannabis Users Choose Junk Food Over Healthy Eats To Ease Munchies

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The latest $50 buzz word reverberating throughout the cannabis community these days is wellness. Cannabis users are no longer just smoking for the sake of sinking into a head change that makes them giggle non-stop, they are medicating on a plant put here by God or aliens as part of a healthy lifestyle that is free of the dangerous grips of alcohol, fast food and other worldly pollutants. And those days of catching a fiendish case of the munchies and then diving into all things burritos, pizza or any number of bizarre, mad science kitchen concoctions that the stoned brain can conjure up when that ravenous hunger sets in, well, that has changed too. We’ve since replaced that tasty, high-fat cuisine for fruits and veggies and, we’ve got to tell you, life is good. NO, no it’s not — we’re actually miserable, high and while we would like to believe that wellness is our focus these days, all bets are off the second we get stoned. The reality is, while the cannabis landscape is changing, some aspects of this broadening monster, no matter how much we try to convince ourselves otherwise, are destined to stay the same. We can put on a new uniform and change the way we comb our hair — present ourselves in a way that goes against the grain of those nasty stoner stereotypes — but we cannot run, nor can we hide from the fact that smoking weed really does turn the average user into a junk food junkie. This point was made recently during a marijuana legalization event in upstate New York. This is where a team of researchers from the University of Buffalo surveyed hundreds of people in an attempt to gauge which way they were most likely to go when the munchies kicked in: Health food…

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Source : Cannabis Users Choose Junk Food Over Healthy Eats To Ease Munchies

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