Weed dealer runs from cops, who later find him hiding in a bush

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A cannabis dealer with a keen sense for trees chose the wrong bush to hide in while trying to evade arrest. Lee Peberdy was stopped by U.K. police last April, while driving the wrong way down a one-way street, reports the Derby Telegraph . The 20-year-old then jumped out of the driver’s seat and took off on foot before being found hiding in a bush. Feel like having a puff in front of the kids? If living in south Gloucester, U.K., that could mean a visit from child services Canada has two systems for cannabis use, but they’re at risk of blending into one The evolving relationship between cannabis and veterinary medicine Police later recovered cannabis, cash and scales from Peberdy’s home. They also found a small amount of cocaine for personal use and messages about cannabis dealing on his phone. Perberdy pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine, possession with intent to supply cannabis and supplying cannabis. He was handed a six-month sentence by Judge Jonathan Bennett. Attorney Stephen Cooper said that Perberdy had taken steps to turn his life around. “He lives with his parents and contributes to the household,” Cooper said. “At the moment, he is on furlough. He works as a warehouse operative and when the lockdown ends in December, he will be returning to work. He has stayed out of trouble since with a job. He is very hopeful to keep that,” he added. While recognizing Perberdy’s efforts to distance himself from his past life, Judge Bennett said the 68 bags of cannabis recovered at his home was “fairly sizeable” and influenced his decision not to suspend the sentence. “Keep away from drugs,” the judge advised. “If you don’t, you are going to get longer sentences.”

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Source : Weed dealer runs from cops, who later find him hiding in a bush

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