6 stoney coffees and teas to warm you up this season


Icy roads and snowfall are starting to make an appearance as the days get noticeably shorter. And as COVID lockdowns persist throughout much of the US and the world, these cold, dark weeks could do well with a bit of a pick-me-up. Enter cannabis-infused coffees and teas.  They’re the perfect pair for cozy blankets, stormy nights, and hunkering down. If you’re feeling the effects of the freeze — both from the weather and the restrictions — then warm yourself up with these six hot, stoney drinks.  Costa Rican CBD Coffee by Flower Power Coffee Co.  Photo source:: Flower Power Coffee Co. Nutty and rich, 60 milligrams of water-soluble CBD offer comforting warmth in Flower Power’s pre-ground Costa Rican cup of sunshine. Break these beans out when you’re feeling a little nostalgic for brighter days. Price: $15.99 Tranquili-tea by Kikoko For those who like to sip a cuppa before bed, reach for Kikoko’s Tranquili-tea. Not only do these tea bags contain sleep-promoting chamomile and valerian, but they also contain 5 milligrams of ultra-relaxing CBN with 3 milligrams THC so you can get the best night’s rest before heading out to the snow in the morning.  Find Kikoko products *Only available in California CBD Coffee by Sträva Organically grown, broad-spectrum hemp paired with 100% Arabica beans offers an incredibly smooth experience with Sträva’s 500 milligrams CBD-infused coffee (20 milligrams CBD per 8 ounces serving). With notes of black cherry and milk chocolate, you’ll want to save these beans for those extra-frosty mornings where you wish you could just melt into your favorite mug. Price: $54.95 Chai Awakening Hemp CBD Tea by The Brothers Apothecary Photo source: The Brothers Apothecary Nothing beats snuggling up on a cloudy day quite like a steaming cup of chai tea. The Brothers Apothecary mixes cinnamon, cardamom, and…

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Source : 6 stoney coffees and teas to warm you up this season

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