Organigram’s new offering allows for a discreet and customizable cannabis beverage experience

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Moncton, N.B.-based Organigram Holdings Inc. has announced the availability of a new dissolvable cannabis powder that will allow Canadian adults the means to enjoy cannabis beverages just the way they like it. Coming in a convenient, pre-packaged powder format that is quick and easy to mix, Edison RE:MIX offers users both discretion and a product that is highly customizable, notes a press release from the company. This allows the product to be “enjoyed, based on the consumer’s own preference, in a wide variety of settings and on occasions of their choosing,” Organigram reports . Available in two sachets with five milligrams of THC each, two sachets with 5:5 mg THC:CBD and five sachets with 10 mg CBD, the product is the latest innovation from Organigram’s Edison Cannabis Company brand portfolio of products. It can “be added to almost any (non-alcoholic) beverage, transforming it into a cannabis-infused drink in a matter of seconds,” the company points out. Cannabis beverage challenge: Can cannabis beverages overcome the tobaccoization of cannabis? Gwyneth Paltrow invests in LA-based cannabis beverage company Emulsion 101: The science behind drinkable weed Additionally, the odourless nanoemulsion formula with no added flavour is said to offer “improved absorption compared to traditional edibles, like a brownie or an ingestible oil.” Organigram cites its proprietary nano-emulsification technology that generates small and uniform nano-droplets to assist absorption, “potentially allowing for a more reliable and controlled experience” than traditional edibles, beverages and ingestible oil-based extracts. With those options, the company notes, “the body spends significant time breaking down fat-soluble cannabinoid particles which are then absorbed and metabolized in the body before the effects are felt.” The new Edison offering dovetails a recent Organigram survey that found 74 per cent of respondents would prefer to add cannabis to their beverages by themselves compared to a pre-mixed…

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Source : Organigram’s new offering allows for a discreet and customizable cannabis beverage experience

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