When It Comes to Cannabis Advertising, Weedmaps Stands Out

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Weedmaps is the largest technology company in the legal cannabis economy, connecting consumers to retailers and brands while advocating for accessible cannabis for all patients and adults. Today, they are building the industry’s operating system –  a platform to engage consumers and advertising and software offerings to help businesses thrive within the complex cannabis economy. Weedmaps was designed to increase access to cannabis in the legal marketplace and provide a much-needed service for cannabis users. The company also partners with cannabis brands and retailers to ensure customers have the most current and comprehensive product selection. Weedmaps generates more user interest and engagement than any other cannabis platform with features such as promo codes and live menu integrations with multiple point-of-sale systems. Paired with its two-way authentication brand verification process, Weedmaps offers a valuable shopping experience and greater purchasing options for consumers. With promo codes, retailers can offer unique discounts, while live menus provide clients with up-to-date, real-time information. The Brand Verification Badge helps protect consumers and prevent the sale of counterfeit cannabis products. These features are a bonus for advertisers, as they translate to more eyes on their listings, higher engagement, and potentially more sales. Targeting Cannabis Consumers at Scale Each month, 8 million people visit weedmaps.com to find a specific product, a nearby retailer, or where they can purchase the best flower, tincture or edibles at the best price. They are value shoppers who respond strongly to opportunities for savings and value. Weedmaps encourages advertisers to leverage the platform to directly connect with consumers and share updates about product drops, deals or special sales. Weedmaps Senior Advertising Manager Adam Hirschberg explains that this ability for cannabis companies to be direct with their ad messaging is one of the advantages Weedmaps has over other marketing platforms. “There are limited advertising…

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Source : When It Comes to Cannabis Advertising, Weedmaps Stands Out

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