The Ancient and Healing Pleasure of the Wooden Weed Pipe


As new cannabis consumption habits encourage a quick high and fast relief, what could the humble wooden weed pipe offer cannabis patients? Here’s how to use, make, maintain, and ultimately enjoy this ancient way of consuming cannabis. From bongs to dabs and from joints to edibles, there are a huge variety of ways to consume cannabis. One of the often-overlooked methods, however, is a wooden weed pipe. Wooden weed pipes are budget-friendly and one hundred percent natural, but what they offer consumers above all else is the ability to enhance the intentioned use of cannabis. And that can be very healing. Wooden Weed Pipes and The Power of Intention We live in a world of instant gratification. The nature by which many of us live our modern lives means that few carve out the time to truly appreciate the small things. With highly potent forms of dabbable concentrates, such as shatter, patients can quickly and effectively medicate at a moment’s notice. And while this is convenient for pain relief, it also removes the benefits of embracing the slow healing power of cannabis. Patients who indulge in both formats report the most pain relief. The power of intention is hugely underrated in modern times. And the mindfulness of a wooden weed pipe can enhance healing through intention. The Sacred History of the Wooden Pipe The sacred use of wooden pipes goes back millennia. Upon arriving in the Americas, European settlers often laughed in a derogative tone at the notion of a “peace-pipe,” but the truth is that the pipe to the Native American population is what the chalice is to the Christian. It’s something tremendously sacred, and for the Native Americans, it was the vessel by which heaven and earth effectively met. To them, ritual and the ceremonial use of the…

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Source : The Ancient and Healing Pleasure of the Wooden Weed Pipe

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