San Francisco weighing US$1,000 fines for people who smoke cannabis in their apartments

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Legislation that would prohibit people from smoking or vaping tobacco or cannabis in San Fransisco apartments moved forward last week, reports the San Francisco Examiner . The city’s Board of Supervisors will vote on the proposal Dec. 1. “My priority is to provide clean air for people to breathe in their own homes,” said board president Norman Yee, who introduced the legislation. People reported smelling pot more than tobacco smoke in apartments and condos, UofT study finds Can landlords stop you from growing cannabis in your unit? The essential guide to smoke proofing your apartment According to Yee, those with valid medical cannabis documentation would be exempt from the ban, which would be applied to apartments with three or more units. In response, supervisor Rafael Mandelman suggested that cannabis smoke be exempt from the legislation as not everyone who relies on medical cannabis obtains documentation from a physician. “For folks who do not have a medical cannabis card, there are very few places outside their own home where you can consume cannabis,” Mandelman said. “It is not parallel to cigarettes in that way. Cigarettes, there are still places where smokers can go and smoke. That is not so much the case for cannabis smokers.” If the legislation passes, it will be enforced by the Department of Public Health and repeat offenders could be fined up to a US$1,000 a day. In Ontario, it is legal for those 19 and older to smoke or vape cannabis in their apartments or condos, unless it has been banned in the condo corporation’s governing documents, states Legal Line . Generally, it’s up to provincial and territorial governments to legislate where it it is legal to smoke or vape cannabis and tobacco products, but municipalities may also introduce restrictions. The Smoke-Free Ontario Act outlines where…

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Source : San Francisco weighing US,000 fines for people who smoke cannabis in their apartments

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