Cannabis Showing Benefits in Treating Psychological Trauma


There’s no single way to treat psychological trauma. But, cannabis may help patients manage the associated symptoms. We all experience psychological trauma throughout our lifetime. For some of us, the effects are subtle and rarely overwhelm. For others, the effects can become debilitating. These may even grow into full-blown PTSD. Much of the psychological trauma we experience tends to occur in our early, formative years. This occurs when fundamental human needs for nurturing, care, and love are withheld. Such experiences often mark us significantly. These tend to leave an imprint in the nervous system that stays with us as we age. To enable us to continue, many develop coping mechanisms as we grow. Sadly, these tactics never truly deal with the underlying presence of the trauma. In severe cases, such coping mechanisms can become destructive when they take the form of things like addictions. In most cases, medical professionals fail to recognize the underlying presence of psychological trauma. They prescribe medications to treat conditions that later arise due to unprocessed, and undiagnosed trauma. Most medicinal cannabis patients know all too well the dangers of the careless prescription of pharmaceuticals that merely serve to mask the underlying symptoms of something much deeper that lies within. As the collective understanding of trauma evolves, many medical professionals are coming to see that cannabis may help treat those with psychological trauma. The Science Behind Trauma and Cannabis Healing from trauma is one of the most challenging processes that anyone can undertake. There is no universal appropriate way to heal, and each case often requires its own unique approach. And this depends on the patient’s own willingness to confront underlying pain. Several recent scientific studies investigated the role that cannabis can play in healing from trauma. One study [1]Lake, S., Kerr, T., Buxton, J., Walsh,…

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Source : Cannabis Showing Benefits in Treating Psychological Trauma

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