7 of the best weed strains for listening to podcasts


Just as there are thousands of podcasts, there are thousands of cannabis strains you could pair with them. Considering all these strains’ various effects, it makes sense to pair certain types of weed strains with different types of podcasts.  As always, all strains will affect you individually. This list is based on personal experience by someone who has obsessively smoked all kinds of strains for 10+ years now.  Try one or all seven recommendations, and follow your body to the right answer.  Interview Podcasts: Aliens on Moonshine Interview podcasts are great because you get to be entertained, while also learning about some of your favorite people. They tend to be pretty long in runtime, and because of that, you’d want a weed strain that you can puff endlessly, but won’t get you so stoned that you become distracted. With its comfortably manageable high that works great in vape pen form, Aliens on Moonshine is perfect. Aliens on Moonshine is a CBD-dominant strain that came from crossing Sour Alien and Moonshine. It has a tropical smell and flavor that comes through with sweet, somewhat mango-like notes. The effects tend to be light, yet relaxing in both the mind and body. Podcast recommendations: The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith, Drink Champs, The Ezra Klein Show Find Aliens on Moonshine strains Pop Culture Podcasts: Island Sweet Skunk Pop culture podcasts are great for keeping in touch with what’s going on in hip hop, music, film, and overall celebrity culture. You sit down for a couple hours at a time and get all the information that would have taken eight hours of weekly screen time scrolling through social media to get. Though informative, they tend to be rooted in lighthearted goofiness based on the chemistry between the show’s hosts; and for that, you should grab…

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