What’s next for cannabis legalization in the U.S.?

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While the U.S. federal government still considers cannabis to be a dangerous drug, the rest of America isn’t so crass. Five more states just legalized the leaf in last Tuesday’s election, making it where one in every three Americans now lives in a state where marijuana is no longer bound by prohibition. Some believe that such a substantial victory means that cannabis reform is poised for more progress in the coming year. This means more states with influence putting pot laws on the books and, perhaps, even a situation where Congress is finally forced to take a careful look at the issue. Though there is still a great deal of uncertainty about how this could or will shake out, there is likely plenty on the horizon for cannabis legalization in the U.S. Is Trump Willing To Lose the Election For Marijuana Prohibition? Could Canada follow Oregon’s lead on drug decriminalization? Great ‘green’ broom sweeps across the U.S., clearing the path to legalize weed in several states One thing that should be anticipated is that New York will work toward a fully legal market. Although lawmakers haven’t been able to come to terms on it for the past couple of years,…

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