Texas farmers are harvesting hemp for the first time in 80 years

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Coleman Hemphill, president of the Texas Hemp Industry Association, believes that hemp grown in the state could be worth “tens of billions of dollars.” “I feel confident that Texas could be one of the largest hemp fibre-producing states, similar to how it’s the largest fibre-producing state for cotton,” Hemphill told the Austin Chronicle . “A lot of the attributes of Texas weather [are] advantageous, both for fibre production and cannabinoids because it’s a dry state, allowing more stress on the plants, which makes the valuable attributes of that crop more expressed.” Texas legalized the production of hemp in June 2019 and this fall, farmers across the state legally harvested the crop for the first time in 80 years. And though they’ve been quick to embrace hemp, many farmers view it as a warm-up, and preparation for when the state eventually legalizes cannabis, a crop with even higher revenue potential. Could Canada follow Oregon’s lead on drug decriminalization? Is hemp the future of cannabis packaging? This Texas law unintentionally caused cannabis arrests to drop in the state The majority of hemp grown in the state is for CBD. Though the applications for industrial hemp are nearly endless — Hemphill points to…

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Source : Texas farmers are harvesting hemp for the first time in 80 years

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