Pot probe goes bust when raid by Dutch cops reveals…. chicory

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Sometimes, anonymous tips lead to discoveries like illegal cannabis grows; sometimes, they don’t. That’s what police in western Mijnstreek in the Netherlands found out while investigating a suspected illicit grow. Checking things out, reports of a suspected hemp operation and possible power theft in a neighbourhood in the industrial town of Geleen, as well as the police witnessing air blowing from a U-shaped PVC tube originating in the basement of one home, suggested something was amiss. Officers knocked on the door and were met by the home’s owner. Surprised by why the police were on her doorstep, the woman cooperated and allowed the police to look around the house, notes a post on the Facebook page for the Politie Basisteam Westelijke Mijnstreek. The Netherlands reverses course, allows pot-selling coffee shops to offer pickup and delivery Want to legally grow weed in the Netherlands? You’ll have to show you can produce at least 6,500 kilos per year Um, Amsterdam isn’t legal? In the cellar, officers spied a wooden shelf thought to be hiding something. Removing the shelf, they expected to find an illicit grow inside. They did not. Instead, much to their surprise, the hidden booty turned out to be buckets of chicory, which the male owner of the house grew as a hobby, a detail that the woman had forgotten to share with police, notes the Facebook post. Additional investigation revealed there was no illicit grow in the house and no power theft, either. That being the case, the officers continued on their way to check out other properties in the area. An investigation into the power being diverted, and whether that is linked to an illegal cannabis grow, is continuing. Seeds for chicory, which tolerates cold, should be planted about 2.5 cm deep two to three weeks before the…

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Source : Pot probe goes bust when raid by Dutch cops reveals…. chicory

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