The cannabis packaging we deserve

It may come as a shock to you, but most people don’t know much about cannabis. A Science Daily study about THC levels in edibles found that most consumers aged 16—30 could not identify if an edible had low or high THC levels based on the label. Add to that the fact that roughly 30% of Americans consume cannabis, which leaves a sizable audience who can benefit from cannabis if they knew more about it.  The little information customers have, like strain names, can tell us a little about what to expect, but names like GMO and Meat Breath don’t hint at the effects. Freelance packaging designer, Jenn Osborn of Pink Creative, agreed, “Some strain names are kind of weird. What the eff is Gorilla Glue? What does that mean?”  Creative naming, coupled with the plant’s federal illegality, is a recipe for confusion and inconsistency. There is no mandated label for weed, like the nutrition label you might see on a bag of chips, which can lead to bad experiences. However, as the industry develops, packaging and labeling are starting to meet shoppers where they are. What makes better cannabis packaging? Brands are working to shift our cannabis knowledge by providing educational information on packaging. Cory Rothschild, SVP of Brand Marketing at Cresco Labs, affirmed this, “It would be a disservice to the industry to not be investing in solutions that can help a broader audience both for the performance of the company, but also in service of a broader mission and a belief that this plant can help so many people … Part of why it’s only helping a fraction of people today is because it’s offered in intimidating forms, potencies, and packaging.”  Jenn Osborn Stripping away jargon attracts new audiences, which helps destigmatize and normalize consumption. We’re used…

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