Working to Remedy Drug Policy: Q&A with Sarah Gersten, Part 2


<![CDATA[This is part two of a two-part interview. Read part one here.Education and awareness can take many forms. Through various work with criminal justice reform advocates and cannabis businesses, Last Prisoner Project (LPP) aims to shift the paradigm around cannabis incarceration and its effects.Below, Cannabis Business Times and Cannabis Dispensary continues its conversation with Sarah Gersten, LPP’s executive director and general counsel, about these issues.  Patrick Williams: LPP is working with Rudi Gammo and Michael Thompson in trying to get them released and their criminal records expunged. Could you talk about the Michigan Cannabis Prisoner Release Campaign partnership with the Cannabis Caucus of the Michigan Democratic Party and the Redemption Foundation? Could that work expand upon or accentuate Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s signage of clean slate bills in October?Sarah Gersten: This is a campaign that was established after Last Prisoner Project had been working in Michigan for months on Michael Thompson’s case. Michael Thompson is a 69-year-old currently incarcerated in [a] Michigan prison. We had submitted his clemency application in January. We’re just now nearing the finish line with that case, and it took us longer than anticipated, but … we were able to get so much momentum around Michael’s case and…

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Source : Working to Remedy Drug Policy: Q&A with Sarah Gersten, Part 2

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