One Year Down at Last Prisoner Project: Q&A with Sarah Gersten, Part 1


<![CDATA[This is part one of a two-part interview. Part two will be published next week.Last Prisoner Project (LPP), the nonprofit group dedicated to helping ensure the freedom of all 40,000 cannabis prisoners in the U.S., as well as inmates serving cannabis sentences around the world, is one year old.Cannabis Business Times and Cannabis Dispensary recently spoke with Sarah Gersten, executive director and general counsel LPP, about some of the facts and statistics that drive the organization’s work and how it has navigated an eventful year.Patrick Williams: The Last Prisoner Project just sent out its “Year One at a Glance” report, which highlights the work that the organization has been doing over the past year. It explains how, among other things, LPP and the law firm Goodwin successfully secured the compassionate release of Philong Chuong. Who is Philong, and what are the next steps for him?Sarah Gersten: Philong is a 57-year-old father of two. He actually came here as a refugee during the Vietnam War. And he really was an incredible father, really a benefit to his community. He was living in Oakland, California, and all of his friends, family members, neighbors, had really positive things to say about him. But unfortunately,…

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Source : One Year Down at Last Prisoner Project: Q&A with Sarah Gersten, Part 1

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